Online Hypnosis Sessions on Skype

How would you like to get rid of your problem as fast as 2 to 5 private hypnosis sessions?

You can do it if you have the right tools. And I am here to help you help yourself!

I am not in the business of selling private hypnosis sessions

I am in the business of helping people. That’s why, both you and I need to be on the same page and to click before we start anything.

In this initial conversation I will be able to inform you in detail about hypnosis, and the work we will do together. Also I will answer all your questions such that, you will be able to take an informed decision : either to work with me or not.

You will experience hypnosis right from our first discussion!

More: you will convince yourself that you are indeed in hypnosis. That is the way you will gain confidence in hypnosis, and…in myself to guide you in hypnosis.

I am committed to helping you succeed in your endeavor – and not settle for anything else.

Hypnosis is a team game: we both need to participate in the process – and that’s why I consider extremely important the set up session – it sets you up for success!

And will give you enough confidence both in hypnosis and especially in yourself to to what you need to do so you get the results you want. And stick with that results for a long time. Even for a lifetime…

I do not believe in the saying “One size fits everybody”

You will not get some one-size-fits-all hypnosis sessions – you will get a fully personalized transformational process. It is a process in which you will travel from point A (where you are in the present), step by step until you accomplish what you want and make the change.

Hypnosis helps you unveil the deep roots of your present discomfort!

This is usually a deep emotional situation which triggered the unwanted response in your present. Only after you cleared your cup, you will fill it up with new, crystal-clear behaviors and feelings. And this new behavior and feelings will stick effortless with you for a lifetime.

The hypnosis work you will get is very different form what you will usually get from a classic hypnosis session or form a hypnosis tape.

You will not be lying in your chair like a lump with me hammering suggestions  – No, you will be fully involved in your own healing process. You will be conscious all the time – feel the emotions an understand at a deep level what you need to understand such that you will bring the change in your life.

This require your motivation, commitment and engagement. I will be your coach, your guide but in the end….the success belongs to you!

So, if you believe you are ready to start and get back the control in your life, if you want to get rid once and for all of your problems and suffering, i am here for you.

I will show you how to make spectacular improvements – sometimes in a lot of tiny little baby steps, and sometimes in quantum leaps. And with each improvement you make you will get the proof and confidence that you are indeed on the right path – the path to your personal freedom!

Trust is built on results not on empty words!

With each proof you will get more and more self confident and self assured that you will overcome your problems, no matter how deep, how long and how difficult it may seem in the beginning.

You can climb any mountain, no matter if it looks impossible and scary to start with

Once you will get to make the first step and get the guidance you need you will find the energy inside yourself. The energy which lays dormant in every human being. It’s not only the power of will – this is just an insignificant part compared to your inner strength. The strength, resilience, endurance and healing of your own subconscious mind. And this power will effortless flow through your body, mind and your very soul so that you will change anything and find your inner peace.

Hypnosis is not the only way – but it is one of the best way to overcome any problem you may suffer form in the present

No matter what your problems is, there was at least some other human being that overcame the same problem some day in the past. And so will you too.

What do other persons who worked with me say about our hypnosis sessions

I do thank you about all the good help you’ve given o me and to the people that get to you. If all the people in this world would be like you, we would, for sure, live in a better world. I am very happy having meeting you!” Big hugs and gratefulness,


I feel the urge to write to you these words just to give you thanks…I became very calm during difficult job situations (and my job is very stressful), I managed to pass my driving license exam (stress free) although I was given almost no chance to do so. I will continue to improve myself (using self hypnosis).


I can tell, from my own experience (“The hypnosis “game” as Andrei And I call it), that Andrei is a friendly person, a real hypnosis specialist, a man I had fully trusted and warmly recommend to work hypnosis with. With gratitude and happiness

Catalin Chirilescu
Trainer, Speaker, Autor

How long does it take and how much one online hypnosis session cost?

My hypnosis sessions take longer than 60 minute (on average 90 to 120 min). And this is due to the fact that I notice that the more I help my client reinforce the suggestions, the better the results (and the smaller overall number of sessions). You will for sure find hypnotist that claim that they can do a lot in 60 minutes.

And I believe you will get much better results with a thorough approach than with a typical “fast food” hypnosis session. You decide for yourself.

That’s why my price for a 90 – 120 min hypnosis session is just €100!

Here’s how we shall start:

  1. Write me an email at or call me on Skype : ID : andrei.loiso (you will need a free Skype account)
  2. We shall set an appointment for our first meeting (which is free of charge)  – we shall meet in person at my office or remotely on skype
  3. After this first meeting, you will have all your answers to your questions. Then you will make your decision (an informed one) : to solve your problems by working with me…. or to say goodbye.
  4. We shall set out first hypnosis working session
  5. I shall give you the necessary details and payment conditions such that we shall be all set and start right on!

If you are ready, I’m here for you. And if you are not, I will be here when you will be ready.

Your choice. Your life. You can make it happen. Right now!

Best wishes,

Andrei Loiso

5-PATH Hypnotherapist

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